Monday, December 3, 2012

Protandim it works!
I want to share my experience so far with taking Protandim and what I have noticed. 
I have been on Protandim for 15 days now and I was telling my sister Christy that I had forgot to put my glasses on last Sat. morning when leaving the house for some shopping. My left eye is worthless anymore to read small print without my glasses and while driving without them I felt naked, but decided I was too far into my drive to turn around. I figured I'd just look like a pirate walking through the store trying to see things  up close (Rrrrrrr). To my surprise when I went to read the small print on something, I could make it out with my left eye. Believe me I've been helpless without my glasses for a couple of years now. I think it has something to do with the nasty 50 that my mother used to complain about and I never dreamed of reaching. Oh, and just try reading a magazine in the beauty salon with your hair covered in a bag under the dryer with your glasses off. The one eye'd squint thing looks real attractive not to mention having your hair in a bag. 
Well by gosh, at the store I could see, not clear as a bell, but I could see enough to read using both eyes. I didn't associate it with Protandim at the time until I read another women's blog about her Protandim experience. She shared that after about one week her vision improved.
I have been on it for 15 days now and this is exciting. I've noticed other things too, like my sleep is better and I have more energy. At first we bought a bottle for my husband Nate to try, and just after about 5 days we noticed an improvement with his Parkinson's, so much so that we signed up as distributors and I started taking it. What really impressed us are the studies being done and the science behind the product. This is a natural supplement with 5 patents,  peer science reviews, just went Nasdaq 2 months ago, and over 40 years of research behind it. We've tried many things before but never have had such immediate results nor felt confident enough to tell other's about it. We are so excited we want to share it with the world. This will improve life and everyone should enjoy the best quality of life that they can have. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blind Date City Pickleball Tournament

Exciting matches to the very end. My partner Kent Pintus and I beat Nate and Shellie in a double elimanation. They fought back to play us again in 2 out of 3 games. If we won 2, then done deal and we would take gold. If they won 2 games then we had to do a play off game to 21 points. Well they won the 1st game 11 - 9, then we won the 2nd game 11 - 8, then they won the 3rd game 11 - 9. A Narrow win causing the play off. By then it was 3:00pm and sun was hot. Last match was neck and neck, we were ahead then they were ahead, etc. By a hair they won 21 - 19. They were some exciting matches and the crowd was on edge.
Nate and Shellie - Gold, Kent and Laurie - Silver, Paul and Teona - Bronze.

Weekend At Entrada

Playing pickleball with Tim Fingers and Karen Guillo.
Over looking golf course

from back of our casida